There is lots of different options when it comes to paving, from Granite to Sandstone to Limestone. But something that has become much more popular over the last few years is Porcelain outdoor paving. But why has Porcelain become so popular and what sets it apart from other paving slabs over the last number of years? We have outlined some reasons in our latest blog post below why you should choose Porcelain as your next garden project.


Easy To Clean 🧹

One of the main reasons  the popularity of Porcelain has risen is because the slabs are very easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Depending on the finish of the Porcelain you can clean the slabs with soap and water and a light power wash once or twice a year to keep your patio shining clean throughout the different seasons. For tough stains that are more difficult to remove we have some heavy duty liquid cleaners available in store.

Resistant To Irish Weather 🌧

Porcelain reacts well to the harsh Irish weather through the winter season. Frost, snow and rain doesn’t affect the slabs as they are a thick 20mm depth and rain should not penetrate through the slab to ground underneath.

Thickness and Durability 💪🏻

The majority of our porcelain paving we stock is 20mm thick, outdoor paving needs to be at least 20mm thick because of the heavy weight of garden furniture and ornaments. Because of it thickness and durability you can be assured that the porcelain wont crack or break if you drop objects onto your paving.

Colour and Design 🌫

Porcelain paving slabs are man made which means it is available in a variety of different colours and finishes. Some customers have even used our outdoor paving for their kitchen and matched in the same slabs going out into their patio area to continue on the stone look out into their garden.

Long Life Span ⏰

Because of its 20mm thickness and high durability  you will get many many years out of your porcelain. This makes porcelain paving a great choice for your next garden project.

Safety ⛑

Porcelain paving has a non-slip textured finish which means even when there has been a lot of rain or frost from the night before you don’t have to worry about falling and slipping, which is very important for those who have young children.


For more information on our porcelain paving call us on 053 938 3992, or come see our Porcelain paving on display in Camolin Co. Wexford.