Sizes of Black Slate Cladding:

Black slate cladding “Z-panels” available in straight and corner pieces:

Long panels: 560x200x40
Short panels: 260x200x40

Long corners: 575x200x40
Short corners: 575x200x40

All panels and corner pieces available with clips for cladding above 2.5m height.

Why choose Outdoor Wall Cladding:

External wall cladding is a great addition to any home. The cladding provides extra protection against harsh weather conditions and will at the same time enhance the look of the house. Installation of external wall cladding can also extend the life of your home by installing the extra layer.

The Black Slate Cladding, made up of natural stone pieces on a cement backing, is a very popular choice for homeowners and businesses. It’s commonly used on one or two walls to create a standout feature. Installation of the cladding is simple and easy, stone adhesives such as “Ardex” is used to apply the cladding. Installation of cladding can be done years after your home has been built, but it’s important to ensure that there is enough space for the thickness of the cladding.

The cladding panels are “Z-shaped” and interlock-like puzzle pieces, making installation fairly simple. The cladding panels can also be easily cut to size to fit wall lengths and end walls. Furthermore, wall cladding can be applied not only outdoors but also indoors to create a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your home. Wall cladding can be applied on TV feature walls or Fireplace walls.

Overall, external wall cladding is a practical and stylish solution to update your home’s look while providing added protection and durability.

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