Kandala Grey

Kandala Grey



At S&N Granite we provide a wide variety of paving slab materials. Our Kandla sandstone paving slab is grey in colour and is a beautiful addition to any garden landscape.The characteristics of sandstone make it resistant to weathering which is an ideal paving option. As our Kandla paving slab is made of sandstone it contains quartz grain, making it a unique and attractive paving slab that is not only suitable for garden patio areas but also driveways and pathways.

Calibrated sandstone paving slab is now available also. We stock the best quality calibrated sandstone which is ideal stone paving for gardens. These paving slabs are available in different sizes and colours. When creating unique paving for gardens, this paving slab can be laid in a variety of patterns to ensure a unique aspect to any landscape design.

Come visit our premises where S & N Granite have over 1100sqm of Sandstone, Limestone, Kandla and Granite paving slabs. A member of our expert sales team would be delighted to show you our paving for gardens displays. Contact us now for details on availability and pricing of paving for gardens.


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