We often get asked why choose granite paving? And what are the benefits? We’ve outlined some of these benefits in our blog this week 👇


Long Lasting ⏰

Granite is known for being long-lasting and mostly lasts up to 100 years. Granite is tough and mostly scratch proof  thats means wear and tear isn’t a problem as it’s very difficult to wear down.  Choosing granite paving means you will get a lifetime out of your paving, meaning it is great value for money. 


Low Maintenance 🙌

What makes granite so popular is the fact that it has little maintenance. Many people worry about how much maintenance it requires, but it has little maintenance and last up to 100 years. Something you can do to keep your paving sparkling clean is power washing and brushing the dirt off regularly with a hard yard brush, then pressure washing from time to time can keep it looking spotless.  


 Slip-Resistant 🏃‍♀️

Another important benefit of granite paving is its slip-resistance. The stone’s textured surface helps to stop you from slipping, which is important for those with children. You can be safe in the mind that if you have young kids out playing you don’t have to worry about any accidents on the wet granite paving.  


 Aesthetically Pleasing 🌫

The natural beauty of granite is one of the main reasons of why it’s so popular with our customers. Granite paving is available in many shades and sizes which suits modern and contemporary style gardens as well as traditional style gardens. Each piece of paving is unique in its own way with different veins and colour variants making your garden paving one in a million. 


S&N Granite have years of experience in patio paving designs. We have dedicated staff that are experts in the stone design process and can provide you with all the materials need for designing unique patio paving designs. Come visit our premises where  we have over 1100sqm of Granite, Sandstone and Limestone paving slabs displayed. One of our dedicated sales team will be delighted to show you our displays and answer any questions you may have about Patio Paving Designs.