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Commercial Projects
The leading supplier of Stone Paving and Stone Cladding Products

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S & N Granite provide natural stone products which have been used in various commercial building projects throughout the country.

Come visit our premises where one of our staff would be delighted to go through your requirements and give you details on price and availability.

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Sills and Heads

Indian Granite Heads
Chinese Granite Heads
Limestone Window Sills
Indian Grey Granite Window Sills
Chinese Granite Grey Window Sills

Wall and Pier Capping

Indian Flat Wall Capping
Granite Chimney Capping
Indian Pyramid Pier capping
Chinese Roundsided Pier capping
Chinese Pyramid Pier capping
Chinese Flat Pier Capping
Chinese Flat Wall Capping

Granite Door Arches

Noel Barry Granite Door Arch
Chamfered Granite Door Arch
Eliptical Granite Door Arch
Georgian Granite Door Arch


Granite Quoins

Plint and Stringcourse

String Course
Solid and Cladding Plinth

Granite paving

Brown Granite Paving
Grey Granite Paving
Yellow Granite Paving

Limestone paving

Tandoor Grey Limestone
Tandoor Yellow Limestone
Ash Grey Limestone
Egyptian Menya Pearl Limestone
Egyptian Sinai Pearl Limestone
Kadappa Black Limestone
Kota Brown Limestone
Blue Honed Limestone
Kota Blue Limestone

Sandstone paving

Mint Gold Shotblasted Sandstone
Mint Gold Sandstone
Raj Green Sandstone
Teak Sandstone
Camel Dust Sandstone Paving
Kandala Grey Sandstone
Mint Fossil Sandstone

Slate Paving

Indian Silver Grey Slate
Brazilian Black Slate
Indian Black Slate

600 x 600 & 800 x 400

Granite Porcelain Paving
Scout Smoke Porcelain

450 x 900

Urban Stone Grey Porcelain
Urban Stone Dark Porcelain
Urban Stone Beige Porcelain

600 x 900

Rock Grey Porcelain
Basalt Porcelain
Sakhir Natural Porcelain
Sakhir Ivory Porcelain
Sailsbury Dark Porcelain
Stonehenge Grey Porcelain
Stonehenge Oxide Porcelain
Kandla Grey Porcelain
Himalayan White Porcelain

Cont. 600 x 900

Hammerstone Beige Porcelain
Hazzlestone Ash Porcelain
County LGY Porcelain
County Anthracite Porcelain
Beside Grey Porcelain
Brazilian Black Porcleian
Stone Grigio Porcelain
Serena Stone Beige Porlceian
Coralstone Beige Porcelain

1200 x 600

Elva Beige Porcelain
Chianale Dark Grey Porcelain
Ostana Light Grey Porcelain
Moon Sand Porcelain


Grey Granite Tumbled Cobble
Brown Grnaite Tumbled Cobble


Brown Granite Split Cobble
Grey Granite Split Cobble


Charcoal Granite Flamed Cobble
Egyptian Grey Granite Flamed Cobble
Brown Granite Flamed Cobble
Grey Granite Flamed Cobble


Kadappa Black Cobble


Multi Red Sandstone Cobble
Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobble
Mint Fossil Sandstone Cobble


Chamfered Chinese Granite Kerb
Ghana Roudsided Kerb
Half Moon Granite Kerb
Grey Chinese Pineapple Kerb
Brown Granite Pineapple Kerb
Rounded Chinese Granite Kerb

Cladding Steps

Grey Granite Curved Cladding Step
Grey Granite Cladding Steps
Brown Granite Cladding Steps

Solid Steps

Indian Solid Steps

Outdoor Wall Cladding

Mint Sandstone Cladding
Black Slate Cladding
Quartz Stone Cladding
Brown Granite Cladding
Grey Slate Cladding
Oatmeal Tumbled Cladding

Indoor Wall Cladding

Spanish Porcleian Cladding
Italian Porcelain Cladding

Benches & Tables

Grey Granite Bush-Hammered Bench
Granite Polished Bench
Rainbow Sandstone Bench
Granite Garden Seat
Rainbow Sandstone Seat
Granite Seat with Arm Rests
Sandstone Planter Bench
Sandstone Table and Benches
Granite Table and Benches

Water Features

Three Tier Granite Fountain and Surround
Granite Cascading Flower Fountain
Granite Waterfall Fountain
Granite Pillar Fountain
Granite Owl Fountain
Granite Frog Fountain
Granite Fountains
Sandstone Water Feature

Other Stone Ornaments

Sandstone Egg Ornament
Babbling Flame Sandstone Ornament
Granite Milk Can
Small Granite Horse
Marble Polar Bear
Branched Birdhouse Ornament
Granite Bird Bath and Stand
Granite Bird House Ornament
Sandstone Bird Bath
Granite Boy and Girl on Swing Ornament

Plant Ornaments

Mint Sandstone Planters
Coarse Grey Granite Planters
Sandstone Urn
Coarse Granite Planter
Granite Flower Pot and Stand
Granite Bush-hammered Planter
Sandstone Planter
Granite Trough
Granite Urn and Stand


JointTec Grouting
PorTec Porcelain Grouting

Adhesives & Primers

Latex Primer
PrimeTec Primer
Bal Priming Bond
Ardex Adhesive

Cleaners & Sealers

Stontex Black Spot Remover
Stontex Rust Off
Stontex Power Stripper
Stontex Oil Spot Remover
Stontex Green to Clean
Stontex Colour Intensifier
Stontex Cement Away
Stontex All in One Cleaner
StoneCare Rust Clean
StoneCare Proclean 05